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Winter Craft Ideas

One triangle for each letter in a child's name. Winter Craft Ideas. Christmas craft for kids.

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Geometry Activity: Find Geometry in Your Name = Geometry FUN

Geometry Activity - Find Geometry in your Name! Students LOVE to look for the geometry in their own names! Geometry terms include: Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, intersecting Lines, Right Angle, Acute Angle, Obtuse Angle, Right Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, Equilateral Triangle, Scalene Triangle, Congruent Figures, Similar Figures, Symmetry, Vertical Line & Horizontal Line.

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All About Triangle Shapes

*FREE* All About Triangles: Learn all about the shape triangle in this math printable worksheet. Practice tracing, drawing, coloring pictures of triangles, writing the number of sides and corners.

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Math = Love: Trigonometry Unit 2 Interactive Notebook Pages Really great math teacher blog!!

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Pin #4. Students use this worksheet to find various real life objects that are the same shape as the ones pictured on the sheet. This incorporates literacy by having students write out the names of objects that go in each square that match the given shape.

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Classifying Triangles. Great idea to white out name and have students measure sides and angles to classify each.

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