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Tribal Symbols

Esoteric, Alchemy, Boho, Bohemian Sacred Geometry, Tribal And Aztec, Sacred Geometry, Mystic Shapes, Symbols Stock-Vektorgrafik - Illustration 420496150 : Shutterstock


I have symbol tattoos, especially the ones I have no truth or understanding to. These are adorable though, I could like them because I am real in tuned into my tribal side today, so my like for them may grow to dislike tomorrow but who knows. I would possibly get one just in time, after thinking it over.


Obsessed with this typeface! I love the tribal look it has as well as the white on the grey background. Depending on the letters that are needed this could be really cool as long as it was readable. Maybe changing a few things to make it so it can be read. This would also look great with colors.