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Triple alliance

"Triple alliance" une comédie de Nick Cassavetes avec Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton (06/2014) <3<3


Franz Joseph I or Francis Joseph I was Emperor of Austria and Apostolic King of Hungary from 1848 until his death in 1916. From 1 May 1850 until 24 August 1866 he was President of the German Confederation. He was also one of the three leaders of the triple alliance


Santa Margherita. Umberto I (14 March 1844 – 29 July 1900), nicknamed the Good (Italian: il Buono), was the King of Italy from 9 January 1878 until his assassination on 29 July 1900. Umberto's reign saw Italy attempt colonial expansion into the Horn of Africa, successfully gaining Eritrea and Somalia despite being defeated by Abyssinia at the Battle of Adowa in 1896. In 1882, he approved the Triple Alliance with the German Empire and Austria-Hungary.

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The Aztecs of Mexico

Around 1325 CE, southward migrating Mexicas or “Aztecs” came upon an island in Lake Texcoco, located in the highlands of Central Mexico. On this spot, they consecrated a temple and founded their capital city — the legendary Tenochtitlán — from which they initiated a wave of imperial conquests throughout Mesoamerica. Aztec civilization flourished for nearly two hundred years before falling to the might of the Spanish, led by Hernán Cortés (1485-1547 CE), in 1521 CE. (Info by James Wiener)…


By 1914 Europe was divided by two major Alliance systems: The Triple Alliance between Germany Austria Hungary and Italy and the Triple Entente between France Russia and Great Britain.


Votre film du dimanche soir. Retrouvez à 20hr 50 sur: TF1: Triple Alliance. Bande Annonce: C8: Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain. Bande annonce: NT1: Daredevil. Bande annonce: France 4: Vipère au poing. Bande annonce: HD1: Mensonges d'état. Bande annonce: Bon film à tous.