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By 1914 Europe was divided by two major Alliance systems: The Triple Alliance between Germany Austria Hungary and Italy and the Triple Entente between France Russia and Great Britain.


Photo prise en 1915 d'André JUMEAU, du 156ème RI, à Mailly. (Photo taken in 1915 of André Twin, of the 156th RI, mailly.) The testimony of his brother Peter who died for France, October 12, 1915 in the battles of Artois. (Colorised by Frédéric Duriez from France)


WW1. British troops taking rolls of barbed wire to the Front line at the Somme in 1916. Colour by Callan Chevin.


WWI, 1916, France. French soldiers over the top.


Triple Entente- Russia:Czar Nicholas II. He was a Russian Leader for the Allied Powers. He was forced to create an elected legislature.


“During World War I, European postcard publishers used photomontage to fan the flames of patriotism on both sides of the conflict. A postcard issued in Munich in 1914 shows a towering German infantryman pounding together the heads of three soldiers of the Triple Entente—France, England, and Russia