Trojan horse

What a great craft from the fabulous country of Greece! Not only will the children love creating this awesome Trojan Horse...but it will give you the opportunity to teach them all about the Trojan War in the process!

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How to Make a Trojan Horse Out of Popsicle Sticks | eHow

Art Deco Horse Bookend [AS-169] - : Assyrian market place for museum quality Assyrian Artifacts, Music, Videos, Jewelry, Art, Bookends, T-Shirt and wearables., | Waw Allap

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Probably the most genius plan I have ever had... Sneaking into Troy by faking surrender and offering up a "gift" of the wooden horse filled with Greek soldiers. Trojans never knew what hit them.

The Trojan Horse - YouTube Based on The Odyssey, this is basically a cartoon of the Greek-built Trojan Horse as the Greek leader Odysseus builds an 80ft. tall wooden horse. Inside they stuff 5 Greek soldiers including Odysseus. The Trojans decide to place the horse inside the walls of Troy.

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Was the Trojan Horse fact or fiction? #Explore Greece with this #Trojan Horse Craft to find out more...via Mommy Maleta

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