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Tropical Sifters

Durian. The odor has led to the fruit’s banishment from certain hotels and public transportation in southeast Asia.


Located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, Jade Mountain in St. Lucia is one of the most incredible resorts the Sifter has seen. Each room has only three walls and a private infinity pool with stunning panoramic views of the beautiful Caribbean. A tropical oasis, this slice of heaven doesn’t come cheap, with nightly rates [...]


BEST. DRIVE-IN THEATRE. EVER. Photograph by KristjanFreyr Who needs television when you can look at this? via KristjanFreyr on Flickr Every day at 5pm the Sifter will post the picture of the day PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL ‘PICTURES OF THE DAY’ GET FEATURED! CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A PHOTOGRAPH FOR THE PICTURE OF [...]

Located in gorgeous Phuket, Thailand, this stunning property boasts over 8,000 square feet of interior space and over 8,500 square feet of outdoor terrace space as well! Situated on the waterfront, this property is simply beautiful