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Tropical Sprinklers

Hinged lid on pool pump enclosure

We could do something like this to cover the air conditioner compressor at the back of the granny flat (could also be used as the washing basket bench on laundry days)


March • Check sprinkler systems for efficient use of water. • Your yard will grow rapidly this month! Take advantage of the natural growth and fertilize well. Be certain ample iron is part of your mix to keep the area looking green and lush. • Start replacing cool weather annuals with spring and summer varieties. • Finish up remaining citrus on your trees and remove any uneaten fruits as they continue to draw nutrients. • It's tropical season, but cold spells can happen. Be…

Drought-Resistant Perennial Border Designed for the gardener who wants lots of color but with little care. The show start in spring and continues through autumn, tried-and-true featuring plant varieties that hold up beautifully to summer and autumn conditions, even without rain or turning on the sprinkler.


10 Crazy And Outrageous Aquariums

Cool. The Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin has a 1 million-litre aquarium tank that features a glass elevator inside, offering rides with 360-degree views of the 1,500 tropical fish.


Weed Killer Made With Borax--Borax (sodium tetraborate) contains boron, which is a naturally occurring mineral. All plants need a certain amount of boron and this amount varies from plant to plant. When you apply a solution or powder of borax to weeds, the necessary levels will be exceeded in some weeds to the point of being toxic to the plant's growth. Read more: