Unexpectedly Very Good. Raw and not a bit cliche. Well developed characters and interesting filming techniques.

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True Detective Season 1 - McConaughey and Harrelson absolutely incredible. Shame its a new cast for S2 but looking forward to Vaughn, Farrel & McAdams!

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HBO's True Detective - Main Title Sequence on Vimeo | Haven't seen an episode yet, but this opening is pure win!

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True Detective "Along the shore the cloud waves break, The twin suns sink behind the lake, The shadows lengthen In Carcosa Strange is the night where the black stars rise, And strange moons circle through the skies, But stranger still is Lost Carcosa" The King in Yellow

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◇ LIGHT vs. DARK « Once there was only dark. If you ask me, the light is winning. » - Detective Rust Cohle Quote from the great HBO series «True Detective», which is one of my favorites. I really like that conclusion. words, quote, typography, type, True Detective, HBO, series, tv, television, wise, detective, Rust Cohle, crime, light, dark, darkness, black, white, grunge, dirty, grungy, glowing, wisdom, optimism, optimistic, conclusion, sentence, stars, gloomy, minimal, positive,

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True Detective. LOVED the first season so much. Only watched it while I was alone so I could pay attention to every detail. Really wonderful and the acting was superb as well.

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