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True Detective. LOVED the first season so much. Only watched it while I was alone so I could pay attention to every detail. Really wonderful and the acting was superb as well.


"True Detective" - HBO reinvents American Horror Story's approach to the 'season.' Where a series used to be fated to a plot-squeezing suffocation after x seasons, Nic Pizzolatto, writer and creator of True Detective, has found the creative emancipation of the Glee-creators' horror series gimmick: a focus on the continuity in genre/style, not plot line, among seasons. Pizzolatto took this further by writing a better story, adding a gritty, southern spirituality, and casting big talent.


True Detective - this is such an interesting show, so well-acted, written and beautifully shot. In many ways it reminds me of Twin Peaks with its long shots at seemingly innocuous things in the distance. That they got Matt and Woody to do it is fantastic, too.