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I had to paint what I picture every time I see Donald Trump. A spoiled, little, pouting baby. --Andrew Stiltner

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He's nothing but a whiny little bitch.

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Trust Me....We're just getting started!! Yeah baby. Deal with it!

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There will be a new grown-up in the field on January 20th!

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Who's the smartest baby? Tweet some more for daddy!

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Lemme get this's ok for him to mock handicapped people, but not to be mocked himself? This is "unpresidented"...

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Trump is a Combative, Narcissists who will surely put this country in one conflict after another. He's Unprepared, Unprofessional and Unpredictable....a Recipe for Disaster.

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Trump, I will defeat ISIS. Meryl Streep said mean things about me.

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I will ALWAYS support my troops, Veterans, and Country

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