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And all NBA players and performers threatened to never perform in Indiana again. Yes, that Mike Pence

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Analysis has shown that Trump speaks at a 4th grade level. Most of his supporters are poorly educated, racists or weak-minded sheep, who are easily frightened and/or suckers for a sales pitch. Trump is nothing more than a sound bite huckster & carnival barker with a salesman's knack for getting the feeble or fearful to agree with him by using buzzwords and fear .

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All that "money" and your "hair" still looks like something Dante's orange tabby coughed up...

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The Trump Disaster Chronicle

To put into an office of world leadership a know unstable incompetent would be a travesty of the greatest proportions.

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That is true,but we will check every lie and prove you wrong every time. Along with all the idiots that voted for you. To bad there is an electoral college. It's as ridiculous as Trump College.

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If my political party suddenly attracted racists, nazis and bigots, I would be checking my values.

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