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Eric Holder on Trump Win: ‘I Have to Think That at Least Part of It Though Was Decisions Made in My Justice Department’ Indirectly, yes. Your decisions were dictated to you by barack hussein obama through loretta lynch, who was one of your advisers.

Donald Trump Claims Obama Secretly Supports ISIS, Cites Debunked Conspiracy Theory As Proof | ThinkProgress


Donald Trump’s Victory Was Built on Unique Coalition of White Voters

Hillary Clinton CAUGHT ON TAPE Admitting She And Obama CREATED ISIS. Trump Was…

Michael Savage on Paul Ryan's threats to sue Donald Trump: Why hasn't he sued Obama?

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10 Scandals That Could Destroy Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

10. The 1970's Discrimination Lawsuit As Trump continues to surge in the polls, making his Republican nomination victory seem more and more likely, Democrats are looking for any dirt they can find on the billionaire. One ...

Exclusive! Donald Trump:: Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership Free-Trade Deal Is INSANITY... NOV 10 2015


Matt Drudge: Donald Trump Has 'Best Campaign Day' With NBC Town Hall, plus Limbaugh Slam Against Jeb Bush


Exclusive — Donald Trump: Obama’s Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Deal Is ‘Insanity’

Donald Trump is An Expert On The #Hispanic Community & Now He's An Expert on The #AfricanAmerican Community!!! Mr Trump....Learn To #StayInYourLane!!!