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"I'm sure that none of my interview will make the news".FORMER MISS TEEN SLAMS MEDIA WITCH HUNT AGAINST TRUMP: HE WAS “AN ABSOLUTE GENTLEMAN”


Freedom of the Press? Nope - it's Propaganda to deceive you, Sheeples, so you will not think and see clearly for yourselves. Wake Up Sovereign Americans!


Video: Satellite Feed Cut As Soon as Congressman Mentions Wikileaks on CNN Live link lost right as Rep. Collins starts calling Hillary a liar

MEDIA IS IN BED WITH KILLARY 24/7 Published on Oct 18, 2016 Info wars reporter, Paul Joseph Watson, takes over for Alex Jones and takes a look at the recent releases from Wikileaks. Liberal media is still talking about a 2 week old news about a leaked tape of Trump saying a naughty word. How biased are the media journalists? $382,000 was donated to Killary campaign by while Trump only received $14,000. #Trump #TrumpPenceTrain