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Tulipa - Fire of Love - Tulip Bulbs

Tulipa - Fire of Love - Tulip Bulbs for sale

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10 Wonderful and Cheap DIY Idea for Your Garden 3

Autumn is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs. Whether you're lining your garden bed or want pots of gorgeous spring colour on your balcony, you can stack bulbs to create ongoing colour which will delight you with more blooms in spring. When you're stacking your bulbs remember to put the largest blubs on the bottom, graduating up with the smallest bulbs on top. Choose a sunny section of your garden, or a well draining container when planting your bulbs. A general rule is to plant each bulb 15 - 18cm deep, but check the instructions on your bulb packet for each bulb's optimum planting requirements. Once you've planted your larger bulbs, cover them with about 5 cm of the soil, then plant your smaller bulbs on top.*Bulbs look better when they bloom en mass so plant your bulbs in groups of 5 or more. In a bulb stack the smaller bulbs on top will be the first to bloom and by the time they finish, the larger bulbs will be ready to show off their gorgeous colours.*Tips on planting your bulbs in containers:1. Use a good quality potting mix - don't use garden soil as it's too heavy and will drain too slowly for your bulbs.2. Pick the right spot, most bulbs do best in full sun, at least 6 hours of direct sun a day.3. If you want lots of colour - plant lots of bulbs. You can place bulbs shoulder to shoulder leaving no space between them, top with potting mix so the bulbs are just slightly below the surface. When you've finished your planting, water thoroughly and top off with a layer of much.**Remember to place your bulbs with the pointed end facing up.4. Pick the right spot, most bulbs do best in full sun, at least 6 hours of direct sun a day.5. Leave your pots outside for winter, the more exposure to cold temperatures your bulbs receive, the better they'll bloom in spring.


bulbs require different depth planting & can be planted close together (must be replanted in fall as bulbs will multiply)