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Medina ,Tunisia. Anybody know where I can buy a good rug? We had a chance to visit Tunisia before the revolution and came away with some interesting stories.

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Tunisian Revolution/People can talk on Vimeo

Lina Ben Mhenni: b. 1983; Lina Ben Mhenni is a Tunisian Internet activist and assistant lecturer at Tunis University. In 2011, Mhenni was the only blogger present in interior cities when, during the Tunisian Revolution, government forces massacred protesters. Her reports provided information to other activists and the media. Since then, Mhenni has played a prominent role, speaking out against corruption in the Tunisian regime.

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The name adopted in Tunisia was the Dignity Revolution, which is a translation of the Arabic name for the revolution ثورة الكرامة (Thawrat al-Karāmah). The Tunisian revolution has also been considered the first of a series of revolutions named the Arab Spring. However, you can read it in Algerian history going back to 800 BC when the Berber First Nations were first oppressed, and the Berbers have sought Justice and remained with dignity for 2000 years.

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