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Artist Rachel Fairfax visited the abandoned city of Kayakoy, South West Turkey, in early 2013. Her paintings of this beautiful site can be seen in 'Gallipoli and Beyond', 27 August - 21 September 2013 at Stella Downer Fine Art.


Turkey has been secretly buying ISIS oil thus providing it with revenues. Western nations have participated in purchasing this oil. Turkey supposedly crushed a coup but in doing so eliminated all of the secular opposition to supporting the Islamists. Now Turkey is attacking the Kurds the only force currently defeating ISIS in battle after battle.


In Yellville, Arkansas, animal abuse passes as a wholesome community event. Tell them to stop!n Yellville, Arkansas, the community celebration of the year is the annual Turkey Trot. The featured event is the "turkey drop" in which live turkeys are tossed from planes to waiting townspeople. University of Arkansas at Fayetteville poultry science professor Yvonne Vizzier Thaxton told Arkansas Online, "Placing turkeys in an environment that is new to them is stressful. In the case of an…


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Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President | The Turkish government has in effect sided with ISIS." [11.26.15]