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Turkish Bath Peshtemal with Thin Dark Blue Stripes, Hammam Pestemal, Fringed Towel

Turkish Peshtemal bath towel with thin dark blue stripes: Turkish Towel Store/Etsy

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Step Up Your Bathroom Style With These 10 Turkish Bath Towels

Step Up Your Bathroom Style With These 10 Turkish Bath Towels -

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Organic Cotton Turkish Towels

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These beautiful and diverse Turkish "towels" are perfect to use as your traditional bath towel, as an accent to your bathroom, at the beach, a swaddling blanket for your babe, or as a light throw in y

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Summer Want: Turkish Bath Towels

Turkish bath towels, known as pestemals, are the traditional flat-woven towels used in the Turkish baths (hammams). Traditionally hand-woven on looms in Turkey, they are highly absorbent and fast drying. I love them because they are soft and roll up nicely, making them perfect for the park or the beach.

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My love for Turkish towels has no end...our next apartment will be worthy / Turkish Towel Round-Up #turkishtowel #KCD

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Turkish BATH Towel Peshtemal - Natural Cotton - Dark Gray

Turkish BATH Towel Peshtemal - Natural Cotton - Dark Gray. $26.00, via Etsy.

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Herringbone Towel, Bath Towel, Beach Towel, Turkish Towel, Peshtemal, Hammam Towel, Black, Grey, Beige

Bath Towel Turkish Towel Peshtemal Hammam Towel by LongestThread

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These towels are bigger than my Bath Sheets - Black and White "Fouta" Bath Towels by Scents and Feel at Horchow.

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Fair Trade Aden Turkish Bath Towels

Fair Trade Striped Turkish Cotton Bath Towels | SHOP NECTAR: Home of fair trade and unique gifts, teas, architectural details, reclaimed and custom furnishing from around the world all in High Falls, NY

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