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Turn Blue

The Black Keys' 'Turn Blue' has the minimalist vigor of the Keys' first records but with a more brazen severity. Click for our 4.5 star review.

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Both of her eyes turned blue, all the gold and red left. A black ring appeared around both of her irises, her soul was not alone within her body.

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The Flash 3x04 - Caitlin Snow - Killer Frost - Caitlin is beginning to physically transform into Killer Frost by her hair turning white and her lips turning blue like her doppelganger in Earth 2

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The Black Keys new album TURN BLUE available for download now: Get TURN BLUE on vinyl/CD: Downlo...

The color blue, it's a color many homeowners want to have in their landscape. One plant we see in the garden to bring on the color blue comes from the plant Hydrangea. What makes makes hydrangea turn blue or any shade of pink? The primary contributor is soil pH. Hydrangeas are an... #spr #sum

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