Keith Allen selfie on the set of Z Nation episode 8. He makes such a handsome zombie.

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Wow, Azula really does look like Ursa <--she is as beautiful as her mother but as arrogent as her father

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Louis Theroux - Millennial Groups (TV Nation) Louis Theroux looks into four groups who believed the end of the world would occur in the year 2000. From episode S1E6 (TV Nation Day) of Michael Moore's TV Nation, broadcast August 16th 1994 on NBC.

TV Nation (Modern Oil Painting of Child's Birthday Party from Vintage Photo)

The Death of John Lennon | John Lennon Death Photo National Enquirer DECEMBER 8 1980, ONE OF THE SADDEST DAYS FOR ME EVER, I'M SURE I AM NOT ALONE.

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Oh my god guys, but if there ever was an Asian Wizarding school, can the houses be the four elements please??? Like c'mon, Fire Nation people are totally Slytherins

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