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"Water Spaniel" (most widely accepted image of Tweed Spaniel) Other names; Tweed Spaniel, Ladykirk Spaniel. The Tweed Water Spaniel had a long tail and a curly, liver-colored coat, and looked similar to the Irish Water Spaniel except that it had a heavier muzzle and a pointed skull. The dog also had thick, slightly feathered, hound-like ears, droopy lips, and forelegs that were feathered, but hind legs that were not.Their size was that of a small retriever.

Guisachan House was the birthplace of the Golden Retriever, and is at Tomich near Inverness (Scotland). It was the home of Lord Tweedmouth, who rebuilt the whole village. A 'gathering' of people from all over the world took place in July/August 2006. The photo shows some of the descendants of Nous x Belle (Tweed Water Spaniel) 1868.


Tweed Water Spaniel: Extinct since the 19th century, the Tweed Water Spaniel is most known for being the predecessor of the modern Golden Retriever. They were described as generally brown, athletic water dogs, "certainly retrieverish, and not at all spanielly."