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Twig Filter

"Late Afternoon 5D mark iii 50mm 2.8 640 ISO Shooting through twigs light behind client no reflector. Color edit Alien skin Polaroid 600 faded plus Light Leak for rainbow color. The BW I did on top of the color filter so I ran it twice in AS thats why it has that dirty look which I love." Sue Bryce


The leaves are made from water colors and coffee filters and then simply glued on branches. What a perfect activity for a rainy autumn day :)


Winter Medicine: Evergreen Syrup: White pine needles, some twig ~2 oz weight (other pine species can be used) Spruce needles, 2 cones ~2 oz weight (other spruce species can be used) Filtered water to cover Honey- half of the amount of decoction that remains (a 1:2 ratio honey:decoction)


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