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Ever wondered how a Twig film gets made? (Hint: there's lots of editing...)

from Twig Terrariums

Twig's little green worlds of moss - here is Uncharted Territory complete with two tiny adventurous hikers. Twig Terrariums ship nationwide. Visit!

from Etsy

This sweet dove is resting on a light gray background with a light green twig in her beak, reminding us that God will never flood this world again. The Dove of Peace is a well known Christian symbol and I hope you enjoy this piece. If your intrigued by my photos (tried my best), wait until you see the product in person! I’ve been an artist for over 40 years, love bling, and loved doing jigsaw puzzles. I have found the perfect blend of all those worlds! Each piece is lovingly created by one…

from Twig Terrariums

Tiny World Terrariums by Twig Terrarium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Easily Contained Life. Maybe a good read?

from Twig Terrariums

With this book, readers will be able to do the same. Fifty completed terrariums are featured in gorgeous, full-bleed photos the components of each are explained so readers can reproduce them exactly. | eBay!