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Which Twilight Character Are You Most Like?

This quiz will determine which Twilight character you are most like. Bella, Edward, Jacob, or Alice?

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Which Twilight Character Are You?

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Which "Twilight" Character Are You?

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How Well Do You Know Twilight?

I got: 10 out of 10! - How Well Do You Know Twilight?

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Which Society From A Novel Would You Live In?

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The Impossible 'Twilight' Trivia Quiz

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I took Zimbio's 'Twilight' quiz and I'm Bella Swan! Who are you?

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14 Hilarious Jokes About "Twilight"

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Community Post: Which Fantasy Movie World Do You Belong In?

I got Twilight! Which Fantasy Movie Franchise Do You Belong In?~You value love over everything else; you are willing to die for the people you care about. You keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. You’ll fit into the world of Twilight, where your bravery and quick wit will be very useful! YES

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