“@TwirlerProbs18: pic.twitter.com/2Iaf3vUSod” THIS

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This picture brings me back. I wore that twirling shoe and that was the first brand of baton I used

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Something I'm trying to remember as I take on my 3rd year with 3 baton && some difficult tricks.

YES I get this ALL THE TIME SO ANNOYING it's just like go buy your OWN batons if you want them so badly!

This needs to be our next cake for our awards banquet!!! Someone please make this for me!!

Pretty much relatable.. pic.twitter.com/kfjPF1zEFu

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At first I didn't have rhythm but I found it so yeah now I was born with rhythm

"Daddy, can we get a higher ceiling in my room?" Family Circus cartoon addresses a common twirling problem!

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