At first I didn't have rhythm but I found it so yeah now I was born with rhythm


Pretty much relatable..

This picture brings me back. I wore that twirling shoe and that was the first brand of baton I used

Baton twirling is a sport. Baton Twirlers and majorettes work very hard.

♥ Join the movement ♥ #batontwirlersunite #batontwirling #batontwirler

"Daddy, can we get a higher ceiling in my room?" Family Circus cartoon addresses a common twirling problem!

Before every performance especially the last part!

Coaches be like

"The expert in anything was once a beginner"

Something I'm trying to remember as I take on my 3rd year with 3 baton && some difficult tricks.

Thats what gym is all about

YES I get this ALL THE TIME SO ANNOYING it's just like go buy your OWN batons if you want them so badly!

“@TwirlerProbs18:” THIS

Let’s face it. At one point all of us had aspirations to be a ballerina. Who wouldn’t want to twirl around in a tutu and ball...


I am going to notre dame for nationals next year I should probably do my nails like this

My passion FOREVER