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Splinting Bone Fractures with a SAM Splint

Types of bones fractures. Open, closed, compression, stress, avulsion, greenstick, transverse, comminuted, and impacted. Remember that for fractured bones, we recommend the use of a SAM Splint, a first aid item that can fit in your first aid bag; learn about this item here: #emt #ems #nurse #medical #bones #broken #bones #fractures #sam #splint


Awesome ! ECRI Institute Fills Gaps in Evidence about Cost and Effectiveness of Bone Graft Substitutes <p><a href=""><img src="" align="left" width="144" alt="" border="0"></a>PLYMOUTH…

The word osteoporosis means porous bones. It is the most common type of bone disease and is estimated to affect about one in every five American women over the age of 50. Whether your focus is prevention or coping with osteoporosis, regular exercise boosts peak bone mass, reduces your risk for fractures and helps strengthen your muscles.


Skeleton pictures: On this page you will find simple to follow explanations of the human skeleton, types of bone and bone formation.


The femur, tibia and the fibia are all long bones, and are one of the 5 different types of bones found in the body