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A box of all of my favorite types of candy!! : #CandyClub


Popcorn Cookies

Wow! Are these ever wild! Theyre really good too! These are great any time of the year, but even more so at Halloween! What a fun project for the whole family! You can use different types of candy such as caramel or white chocolate morsels. You could even use candy corn, and try using different types of nuts. This was on Taste of Home.

The Complete Photo Guide to Candy Making: All You Need to Know to Make All Types of Candy - The Essential Reference for Beginners to Skilled Candy ... Caramels, Truffles Mints, Marshmallows & More,

Mazapan. Mazapanes are basically compressed peanut and sugar patties. Of course making them is not so simple as the ratio of peanuts vs sugar must be correct to prevent the fat in the make the patties soften during compression or when exposed to heat. They can also be made using other types of nuts taking into account the the nut/sugar ratio must be adjusted and amaranth can also and is commonly added. This type of candy is not baked or cooked in any form, asides from the nuts being roasted.


Double White Chocolate Cookies - This Halloween Candy Monster Bark is a super easy and yummy treat! This is really fun to make with your kids. You can melt the chocolate and let them sprinkle on their favorite candies. For this recipe I kept it pretty simple with chocolates, candy corn, and pretzel sticks. But you can really chop up any type of candy bar or use any type of candy you want on this.

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Flødeboller / “Cream-buns”

Flødeboller / "Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats",  "Schaumküsse", "bolitas de nata", "rêves danois", "tea cakes" or "snowballs", - an old and very popular type of "candy". With or without sprinkles.


The Complete Photo Guide to Candy Making: All You Need to Know to Make All Types of Candy -

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