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Are There Hidden Carcinogens in Applegate

You probably know that diabetes, especially lifestyle and diet-related Type 2 Diabetes, has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. And sadly not just for adults, but for children and teens as well. But did you also know that there are high correlations between Type 2 Diabetes and certain types of cancer? Click on the image above to read on and discover 2 things you can do NOW to Prevent Diabetes and Breast Cancer.

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Ten Pin Linky Party- Science and Social Studies

Ages 6-8 (Kindergarten-3rd Grade) A.EL.2 Engages in meaningful learning through attempting, repeating, experimenting, refining, and elaborating on experiences and activities. C.EL.2 Learns within the context of their family and culture

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Toddler temperament could be influenced by different types of gut bacteria

The microbiome of a toddler's gut may influence their behavior, a new study suggests. Scientists found correlations between temperament and the presence of specific types of intestinal bacteria in both girls and boys. The researchers aren't looking for a way to help parents modify the 'terrible twos,' but for clues about how - and where - chronic illnesses like obesity, asthma, allergies and bowel diseases start.


Math = Love: Foldable Love Cross Multiplication Solving Proportions; Unit Rate Fraction / Decimal / Percent Triangle "Is over of equals percent over one hundred." Part over whole equals percent over one hundred. Percent of Change Ordered Pairs Coordinate Plane Foldable Scatter Plot Foldable - 3 Types of Correlation Domain and Range Algebra 2 Factoring Foldable

Air pollution and coal consumption - China (useful information on PM2.5 - what it means for your health)
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The coal hard truth of air pollution

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Cellular Respiration Lab: The Use of Glucose in Cellular Respiration

Biology Lab: The Use of Glucose in Cellular Respiration. In this lab, we will try to determine these things: 1. Is glucose required for cell respiration? 2. Is there a correlation or relationship between the amount of sugar available and the amount of carbon dioxide produced? 3. Can any type of sugar be used as a fuel for cellular respiration? $