This neurological disease is not just your everyday headache. Find the types of migraines, subsets, symptoms and indications here. Know your migraine diagnosis so you can treat it effectively. And stop it. Fast!

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I have these types of migraines once in a while and they are the worst! It can last a few days or a few weeks when I get them

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Headaches have been one of my worst enemies since I was 15 years old. I'm pretty certain I get every possible type of headache... sinus,…

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Many people have never heard about this type of Migraine, and it is more common then you might think. It's called the Ocular Migraine This type of migraine is really scary when it happens for the first time. And unless you have experienced it, it is often difficult to explain what it is you are feeling and seeing. Read more at:

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Headaches happen to everyone, and everyone hates them. They can be mild or severe, they can be all over your head or radiate from one side. Whatever they are, they’re the worst. They make simple tasks seem insurmountable and make even a great day miserable. What you might not realize is that different types of...

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Vitamin b2 for migraine treatment. ..getting some tomorrow! !! I will try anything at this point!

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Rare and Extreme Types of Migraines. More than 13 percent of Americans are affected by migraines, severe pain in the head that is sometimes accompanied by vision problems, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Rarely, however, migraines can cause symptoms and complications in other parts of the body.

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7 Types of Migraines - Which Do You Have?

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