If you ever tried to buy mustard without any additives, you know already that it's nearly impossible to find any. Here are some of the most common ingredients in mustard products: Dijon Originale Mustard from Maille: Water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, citric acid, sulphur dioxide. Honey Dijon Mustard from ...

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Outback Honey Mustard Source: Food.com Ingredients: 1.5 c of Mayonnaise- the REAL stuff (I used Hellman's) 1/4 c of Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard (do not substitute any other type of mustard) 1/2 c of Honey Directions: Mix it all together.

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Hot Pepper Mustard, A sweet and tangy pepper mustard that is delicious on hot dogs, pretzels and lots more. A great way to use up an abundance of hot banana-type peppers grown in the garden.

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I'm on a roll with chicken lately and there's likely more to come. Really we probably eat chicken more than any other type of meat at my house, I just sort

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Mustard is one of the oldest condiments and hasn't changed much through the years. In it's essence, mustard is combination of mixing the ground seeds of the mustard plant with liquid, but its the variety of seeds and type of liquid used that creates all the varieties of mustard we know today.

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Pineapple Ham Casserole. I added dry mustard like a reviewer suggested and went a little heavy on the worcestershire. I used low fat cream cheese and it turned out fine. If you don't like ham and pineapple pizza or you don't like the cheeseball with pineapple in it you probably won't like this, but if you are a fan of that type of thing you will enjoy. jrb

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