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Types of Maps and Map Skills Pack- Social Studies grades 2-5

Types of Maps and Map Skills Pack! Great activity for the beginning of the school year to assess students map skill knowledge! Physical, Political, Population, Natural resources, and Precipitation Maps! Answer key included!

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Natural Resources Sort

This is an excellent worksheet that could be used to asses what the students have learned about resources. It has students sort a word bank of resources in to man made and natural resources and then further into renewable and non-renewable. I would easily be able to use this as a summary assessment of the unit.

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Natural Resources Activity (Geology Unit: Fossil Fuels)

Natural Resources! Natural Resources! Natural Resources! Natural resources cootie catchers/ fortune tellers: These natural resources cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about each type of natural resource. These cootie catchers contain the following vocabulary terms on natural resources: Renewable resources, Non-renewable resources, Geothermal energy, Nuclear energy, Hydroelectric energy, Solar energy, Fossil fuels, Wind energy

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Natural Resources activity, this would be a good way to have students start thinking about how much around them comes from natural resources.

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Objectives:  1. Define and identify types of natural resources.  2. Distinguish between renewable and nonrenewable resources.  3. Explain the difference.

The students will cut out examples of nonrenewable/renewable resources from a magazine and post it on the wall. This hands on activity is a great way for the students to comprehend what the difference is between the two.

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The United States currently relies heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable, that is, they draw on finite resources that will eventually dwindle, becoming too expensive or too environmentally damaging to retrieve. In contrast, renewable energy resources are constantly replenished and will never run out. Here's a green energy infograph!

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Natural Resources Foldable

Since my unit is Earth's Resources, I would have my students complete this foldable. It is a great activity for them to work on since they must be able to differentiate between man-made and natural resources. They would draw resources, learn the definitions, and list more resources for each of the two categories when completing this assignment. BG

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