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Even If You Don't Like Diamonds And Gemstones, These Will Leave You Speechless. Gorgeous.

This is called the Fire Opal. It's found in Mexico and inside seems to be filled with flames or a sunset.


Brazilian Cat's Eye Opal Cabochon Brazil To our knowledge no more that 80 kilos of this rare variety of cat's eye opal have been mined in the last 30 years. This particularly rare green opal is found in veins in dark brown volcanic rock and the color is due to iron content. The present oval cabochon features a seam of chatoyant orange opal in its green matrix. This is the only location in which this particular type of opal can be found.


unusual stripy Boulder Opal from our Bullgroo Opal Mine North /West of Quilpie , Qld. Australia . We only ever found one large Boulder that contained this type of opal .


More Black Opal Facts.... * It is the most rare and valuable type of opal. * Black opal is a naturally occurring solid opal with a coloured face and black body colour. * Black opal has a dark body tone which gives the colour greater intensity and vibrancy. * The word 'black' doesn't refer to the colours displayed by the opal but the natural black potch underneath and/or highlighting the natural opal colours. Potch is common opal, i.e opal without colour. * Black opal comes in…