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Old Fashioned Bread and Butter Pickles

Just as cucumbers are easy to grow, pickles are easy to make. I love all types of pickles, but I think bread and butter are especially flavorful and taste best when they're homemade!


Deli Style Half Sour Pickles - I've been looking for recipes for the type of pickle you used to find in barrels at delis in Philly. We called them Jewish or Kosher pickles, but half sour pickles seem to be the same thing. SInce you don't find barrels of pickles here on the west coast, and the jar types are not what I'm craving, I'm on a mission to make my own. I didn't grow pickling cucumbers this year, so I'll keep this for next summer, unless I can find some in the store.


Hot Pepper Relish - This very simple recipe for pickled pepper relish is great for any type of food you can prepare on the grill. We're talking steaks, chicken breasts, burgers, brats, even the good old hot dog. It's one of those wonder condiments that goes with so many dishes. Extra bonus - it is also a GREAT way to preserve your abundant pepper harvest. Loaded with wonderful chili peppers, a bit of onion and garlic, it packs in the flavor.


{THercs: I've had success with Hard Salami rounds, Brie, and a sliced wedge of our sweet & spicy Pickles. There are a ton of variations - experiment and enjoy :: Dried sausage cut 1 cm thick. Cheese cut into cubes. Put a piece of meat, a cube of cheese and an olive green above with each other and with a toothpick. Simple appetizer ready in 2-3 minutes.}