Do you know what type of wine you like? Unsure about a sweet to dry scale? Confused on why red and white wines are served in different glasses? Read on

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Reds and Whites sweetness scale. Very Handy! #FoodieFiles

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A simple wine sweetness chart shows the sweetness levels for different types of red and white wines. You might be surprised to find out what level of sweetness you prefer.

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Make your wine list more palatable with a little extra know how. Learn more about the basic types of red and white wine here!

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A bottle of Merlot and Al Green; what could be better. Learn more about the types of red wine at

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Have you ever wondered why there are different kinds of wine glasses? This infographic from Wine Coolers Reviews will illuminate the reason for different sizes and differently shaped wine glasses and help you smell the rich aroma of the right kind of wine enjoyed out of the right kind of glass for that wine.

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