TPT - free download - This download has great posters explaining the four types of sentences and materials for students to make flip books. 2nd - 6th ***

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Simple, compound, complex, compound-complex - study types of sentences with task cards. Add color to your classroom with age-appropriate posters.

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This sentence unit has a nice mix of mini-lessons, games, printables, and journal writing opportunities. Skills covered:TYPES OF SENTENCESPosters to introduce: statement, question, command, exclamationMini-lessonBingo gameSlides and Ladders game A sentence hunt Types of Sentences SortJournal prompts SUBJECT/PREDICATEMini-lessonConnect Four game A journal prompt Task cards activity COMPOUND SENTENCES Slides and Ladders game Simple/compound sort FRAGMENTS/RUN-ONSMini-lesson (that also…

Looking for fun ways to practice types of sentences? This Types of Sentences Games packet contains 6 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice declarative, imperative, exclamatory, and interrogative sentences and their ending punctuation!

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Interactive Grammar Notebook FREEBIE for types of sentences! Interactive notebooks are a great way to implement grammar and language arts standards for primary students!

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