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Types Of Society

from Better Novel Project

Fictional World-Building: 5 Types of Societies

Fictional World Building: 5 Types of Societies | Better Novel Project #worldbuilding Even with the most imaginative fantasy elements, a fictional world cannot shine if the characters that populate it are flat. By organizing characters into these five societies, they come pre-loaded with some motivation and struggles.


Repost from @endtimesready using @RepostRegramApp - "This is what happens..when you wake up. It will change your perspective on many topics. This scene from "They Live" is blatant truth and shows what type of society we live in..the truth today however is not hidden as much as it was in the past years, now people actually hide from the truth! If only these sun glasses were actually real though..#TheyLive ___ #Wakeup #Illuminati #killuminati #hollywood #ISIS #NWO #NewWorldOrder #MartialLaw…

from The Economist

Taking the no road

Map of the "No" vote for Scottish independence


Research for Writing ~ Government Types Infographic. Good for generalized current info all the way to basic structure of a Post-apocalyptic Dystopian society.


Sounds Of Silence: SCOTUS Rules 5th Amendment Protections Only Apply If Demanded Out Loud - WHAT!??!!!

SHES GOT THAT WHOLE PURPOSE QUEEN AMBITION DRIVEN GO GETTER CHANGE THE WORLD TYPE OF VIBE!!! Quit playing small. You KNOW that youre a queen. You KNOW that you were put here to to impact You KNOW that you were born to inspire You KNOW that its in your blood to perform. People stare at you Because THEY know. They know that you've got that whole purpose Queen ambition Driven Go getter Change the world Type of VIBE going on. And I get it Its not always EASY holding that vibe Even though its…

Joseph Beuys: So kann die Parteiendiktatur überwunden werden, 1971

Free Types of Conflict Chart: Students analyze the conflict in the story.


Michio Kaku [] will mankind destroy itself? Which type of society are we? Which level of progress did we reached and which level we need to reach to become a type II society...


Jacqueline de Ribes and Raymundo de Larrain. Photo by Richard Avedon, 1961.