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5 Types of Expository Text Structures

A one page description of each of the 5 types of text structures with examples, signal words, and a sample graphic organizer to use....


This is a sheet that contains persuasive sentence starters. Cut the sentence starters our and give to children to use while writing their persuasive sentence, or paragraph, depending on the grade level. You could use these to show how persuasive writing differs from other types of writing, and the clues that we look for in writing to tell the type of text it is.


FREEBIE!! If your students are like mine, they sometimes have trouble determining the author's purpose for different types of text. Feel free to use this Author's Purpose Checklist to help support them with this tricky skill! I just gave my students counters to use for the yes or no answer choices.


Nonfiction Text Structure Game for Literacy Centers

Text Structure U-Know Game!! A fun and engaging way to practice the many different types of text structure such as compare and contrast, problem and solution, description, chronological/sequence, and cause and effect! Great for centers, really finishers, and review! $