Tyra Banks and her beautiful mom.....WOMEN Crime Travel Alert! recently in Hong Kong Ravi/Ravinder Dahiya, sex trafficker, born 1970, born Punjabi India, failed garment company owner, 45, tall, handsome, white hair, eyeglasses, & subordinate trick & trap women on Lantau Island & at Hong Kong Airport, both bus & plane travellers, for non-existent modelling agency work, a front for sex slavery.....#RaviDahiyaTraffickerHK

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music video drake tyra banks childs play #humor #hilarious #funny #lol #rofl #lmao #memes #cute

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Her personal journey: Tyra Banks, seen here in July, revealed to People that she has been struggling with fertility as IVF treatments have not worked

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Children out of wedlock? Tyra Banks breaks down over not having a baby at 42 - http://www.nollywoodfreaks.com/children-out-of-wedlock-tyra-banks-breaks-down-over-not-having-a-baby-at-42/

Transgendered Children Tyra (Tyra Banks Show) - YouTube How the parents respond to raising transgender kids.

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This is a fierce image of Tyra Banks renown super model and also a strong advocate of equality among other things. Ms.Banks has and continues to be on a variety of talk shows, donated to many organizations, and given her own time to children in poor environments. She is the definition of productivity, inspiration,but most of all purpose to many women including myself. This image motivates my purpose need.

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