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Tyra Banks Kids

Life Lessons From Tyra Banks

Inverted triangle/heart face shape- wide forehead, narrow chin Suggestions- style close to head with no volume. Bang recommend. Gradually increase width of silhouette as you style middle /cheek bone area.


Motherhood for the Win How Your Favorite Celebs Celebrated Mothers Day


20 Dated Celebrity Endorsements From Over A Decade Ago

Man, I love old Covergirl ads. They always tried to look so... magical in the 90s. Now they just pick a celeb at random, put them against a white backdrop, and crop as closely as possible. Bring back the old, creative ads!


'90s Celeb Pics You Can't Unsee

Tyra Banks & Cameron Diaz, 1998On some level, don't you just feel that Banks has butterfly clips in her hair? #refinery29


Tyra Banks, 41, tears up as she reveals heartbreak with failed IVF

Her personal journey: Tyra Banks, seen here in July, revealed to People that she has been struggling with fertility as IVF treatments have not worked

How Tyra Banks Does Her Makeup in 5 Minutes

How Tyra Banks Does Her Makeup in 5 Minutes. Supermodel Tyra Banks Launches Makeup Line: Eyes in a Stick in Once You Go Brown, $24, Oops Liner in Blackblackblack, $26, Sculpt in a Stick in Deep, $24, Light in a Stick in Sinsational City, $26, and What Lipstick? in Ask for a Raise, $28, all at