Uber, the world’s largest taxi startup that connects passengers with cab drivers via its mobile app, recently acquired the 11th floor of the building it occupies in San Francisco. The design of ... Read More

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Uber App for Drivers Most Uber users are quite familiar with the features the app offers such asfare-splittingordering a ride for someone elsechecking their own rating etc. But what about the Uber app for drivers? The app used by Uber drivers is markedly different from the consumer version and has a bunch of features that most people are unaware of. Here's a look at 6 features you probably didn't know the Uber app for drivers has. 1. Driver Destinations How many times has it happened to…

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Uber has an online version of their Brand Guidelines. It's accessible by anyone and is a great resource for inspiration and reference. #identity #logotype

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16 tax deductions Uber and rideshare drivers can use to make more money and pay less taxes immediately. Includes a free eBook for Uber Drivers.

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AT&T to Pay $80 Million to FTC for Consumer Refunds in Mobile Cramming Case (also T-Mobile) ~~ SOOO...I keep getting this texts from AT&T about a possible refund to be issued for unauthorized charges. :-/ So I looked it up and it is legit. Link goes to FTC website...I called the number for the AT&T claim as there are other carriers involved...most notably T-Mobile.

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Fourteen percent of Uber drivers are women. Sounds slim, but it’s actually an uptick compared to female taxi drivers and chauffeurs in the U.S., which falls to 12.7 percent. Uber has pledged to get even more women in the mix, recently announcing a plan to create 1 million driving jobs for women b...

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We partnered with blogger Clementine Daily to understand why our partner driver Tami drives with Uber. Give rides - get cash. With Uber, it’s just that simple. When you want to earn some extra money, all you have to do is turn on the app. It’s a great way to save up for a trip, when you need a little extra cash around the holidays, or even as a full time job.

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