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Uber Cab Service

from Colin Cowie Weddings

Cute idea to help guests out

This was found on a wedding table but it should be on hand at every party that serves alcohol. A cute reminder.


Roadie is to UPS what Uber is to taxi cabs Crowd-sourced product delivery service has arrived with the innovative company Roadie. The Uber-inspired stuff-transport app has come into its own allowing you to move anything from small packages to recliners to Labrador Retrievers across the city or throughoutthe states. Its as easy as making a few taps on your phone. To break it down pretty simply the service uses the terminology gig to refer to any kind of delivery that you need done. You…

from Uber for X Script

What are ‘Uber for X’ scripts? Why should startups choose ready-made uber for x scripts?

The term ‘Uber for X’ basically refers to the service technology of availing services on demand with just on a click of a button till your doorsteps. ‘Uber for X’ follows the successful business model of ‘uber’, a taxi/cab service on demand.

from The Telegraph

Fears over ‘excessive and unsafe’ 65-hour weeks for Uber cab drivers

Uber, the controversial min-cab service, has changed a page on its UK website which encouraged its drivers to work 65-hour weeks amid growing concern about “

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Become an Uber Driver - Here's What It Takes

Become an Uber Driver

from Washington Post

Uber’s remarkable growth could end the era of poorly paid cab drivers


from the Guardian

Uber and Little Cab's battle to control the streets of Nairobi

Uber and Little Cab's battle to control the streets of Nairobi. Uber and Little Cab's battle to control the streets of Nairobi The struggle for dominance between Uber and Little Cab in Kenya is helping create a more reliable taxi service but is unlikely to cut congestion and air pollution | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

Uber cab service is undoubtedly popular, impressive and most advance cab service available in the world. With last month’s induction to Pakistan, it has been escalated quickly in terms of earnings. It is only a month now, and Uber’s demand gone high. However, company cabs are less in number, but those which are in operation drawing some handsome proportion of return. To be more specific, Drivers are earning 100,000 monthly average income. The figures were came out last week. According to…