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from the Guardian

Uber taxi service banned in Berlin on safety grounds

Uber taxi service banned in Berlin on safety grounds - THE GUARDIAN #Uber, #Taxi, #Berlin

1 Frankfurt court bans Uber taxi services across Germany – Reuters: Technology News

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Berlin Just Banned Uber Because It Doesn't Do Enough To Protect Its Passengers


Queensland Taxis vs Uber: 'Illegal Taxi Services' Terrify Cabbies -


Uber App - Uber Login | Uber Taxi Service - Silvercrib


Want your fix of puppy love? Uber’s ready to deliver

The app-based Uber taxi service will be delivering puppies to people across Canada to help raise awareness about animal shelters and rescues.

Send donations to Cape firefighters in an Uber taxi for free If the wind does not play nicely today, firefighters will be facing face an almost impossible battle. Here's how you can help by sending supplies directly to Cape fire fighters using Uber taxi services


City of Toronto seeks court injunction against Uber taxi services

City of #Toronto seeks court injunction against Uber taxi services. Uber is a California tech company whose smartphone service allows taxi searchers in 46 countries to connect directly with available licensed cabs. #fear #compettion

from CNNMoney

Uber rolls out motorcycle taxi service in Bangkok

Recently Uber has introduced a motorcycle taxi service in Bangkok. You think this was their first attempt? No, in 2012 the company had a short-term experiment in Paris for a moto-taxi. They do have some competition called GrabTaxi which already offers a motorcycle option in the Thai capital. The motorcycles can be requested like a normal Uber taxi and will take them to the destination.This type of service was designed for cities such as Thailand because they are a developing country.