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Fitboard Fuel Vol. 23: 15 Inspiring Fitboard Posts!

This is true I had one before I started mixed martial arts again, now I'm at peace with my mind, body, and soul.

from The Stir

Loaded Baked Potato Dip Recipe Will Be a Super Bowl Party Hit


Foods that fight depression foods that feed it. I was born with biological depression, a fundamental lack of the metabolic processes that enable one to be happy. I've learnt how to be happy but it's something I work on every day it informs almost every decision I make. When I look after myself and make healthy eating and exercise a daily priority, I thrive. If I slip, and I do from time to time, I flail. If you suffer with a brain disorder, seriously consider eliminating sugar and gluten for…

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4 Day Juice Cleanse

now that we have a Costo membership this doesn't look too pricey- plus this is a good guideline to follow for one day of juicing a week.