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Many of the ugly dogs are Chinese Crested dogs, which seems to be possibly the ugliest dog breed in existence. Description from I searched for this on Evolution dictates that there will be some dog breeds that won’t quite make the cute quota. After all, without ugly dogs, we would never be able to distinguish—let alone appreciate— the adorable ones,,,


The Ugly Dog breeds | World's Ugliest Dog Contest Winner Ever - Believe It or Not | Unbelievable News And Photos.


This dog breed is slightly high maintenance since its exposed skin needs to be moisturized and bathed regularly to avoid dry skin and infections. Sunscreen is also required if the dog plans to spend significant time in the sun. Of course, you could always neglect these responsibilities and wind up with the second photo above. Held every year, the World's Ugliest Dog competition usually claims a Chinese Crested as its winner. Archie here won the competition in 2007.

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