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Thomas Brodie-Sangster through the years. I guess he's aged a little. Maybe.:] (Also, I'm curious about the blue hair in the second-to-last? Not complaining, though?)


Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match. Seua is so yummy with hot look and gorgeous smile although his mouth is like trash. Lol. This drama is combination of sweet and funny thai drama. Don't worry about his gf(Nungning), she dumped him because of money and then he starts pursuing Junior and they both are super duper sweet. Theres angst but the ending is sweet. ^^


HAIR GOALS (btw this is Thomas Brodie Sangster in Ugly Duckling). @kendrahollen please momma please!


In Celtic lore, Swan is associated with Otherworldly travel and migration of the Soul. Swan is often the poetic representation of the Soul itself in Celtic lore. Swans are intimately linked with shape-shifting in celtic lore, as well. Swan is also further linked to Elphame and the realm of Faerie.