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Matcha Honey Pancakes- almost as easy to make as they are to eat! Made with Aiya's Cooking Grade Matcha. #matcha #breakfast #pancakes

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Uji Matcha Parfait, Made with Jelly, Soft Ice Cream, Matcha (Japanese Green Tea) Syrup and only the Finest Uji Matcha, with a topping including Sweet Red Beans - a Truly Japanese Flavour. It is the most popular item at Kyoto ItohKyuemon|伊藤久右衛門の抹茶パフェ

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Matcha Cake Tiramisu

Recipe with video instructions: Take your tiramisu to the next level with yummy matcha. Ingredients: 2 slices sponge cake, 150g mascarpone cheese, 50g greek yogurt, 2 egg yolks, 40g sugar, 2 tsp rum, 150ml heavy cream, matcha powder, confectioners' sugar, (matcha syrup), 2 tsp matcha power, 1 tsp sugar, 100ml hot water

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ヨーグルトパフェ | 都路里 I don't know what that says but it looks like this dessert is a mixture of kiwi, bananas and something else...could be green jelly or matcha or both with cream or yoghurt and a leaf-shaped biscuit and decoration

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#Japanese green, Uji Matcha Soba

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A Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in Uji, Japan

Here's what it's like to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in Uji, Japan. A visit to Nakamura Tokichi Honten, a 160-year-old Japanese green tea company just outside of Kyoto, Japan that offers tourists the opportunity to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

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strawberry matcha latte

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