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Uk Olympic Wrestling

Dan Gable. 1972 wrestling Gold Medalist at the Olympics. He did not give up a single point. His dynasty is legendary in the wrestling world as he went on to be coach of the University of Iowa.


Pictures of the day: 7 August 2012

Stig Andre Berge of Norway (red) fights with Hasan Aliyev of Azerbaijan (blue) in their men's 60kg Greco-Roman wrestling match


#2 Wrestling with your conscience. Throughout the course of the 2012 Olympic fortnight, an alternative programme of events will be taking place in offices and homes across London. While these events enjoy no official status, they represent some of the most popular participation sports in the UK.

Although synonymous with live music, Wembley Arena in north-west London is also one of the capital’s most iconic sporting venues. In recent years, it has hosted snooker, darts, hockey and wrestling events. It is London’s second largest indoor arena after North Greenwich Arena.