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Ulster Unionist Party

Health care- Today we're celebrating fostering in Northern Ireland! Mike Nesbitt (Party, Leader Ulster Unionist Party) and foster carers Gail and Dominic Burke (South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust) #FCF2013

The Ulster Unionist Party has distanced itself from comments made by Lord Maginnis this morning that marriage for gay couples was something ‘unnatural’ that would be ‘imposed’ on society, calling it a ‘rung on the ladder’ to bestiality.

1998 David Trimble: 1944-: UK. Only a few weeks after taking over as party leader of Northern Ireland's Protestant party, the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), he launched discussions with his political opponents in search of compromise. Trimble sat down at the negotiating table with the Prime Minister of Ireland, the old arch-enemy Sinn Fein, and the British. In April 1998 he was one of the signatories to a peace agreement which he persuaded a UUP majority to support. the Good Friday agreement


History Of The Ulster Unionist Party: Protest, Pragmatism And Pessimism (Paperback)

History Of The Ulster Unionist Party: Protest, Pragmatism And Pessimism

Lord Brookeborought, 1st Viscount, previously known as Sir Basil Brooke, former Prime MInister of N Ireland, arriving at the Ulster Unionist Party's headquarters in Glengall Street, Belfast, N Ireland, shakes hands with a placard-carrying supporter of the Rev Ian Paisley. The legend on the placard was Civil Rights for Protestants. The purpose of the Unionist Party meeting was to give members the opportunity to support a vote of confidence in Prime Minister, Captain Terence O'Neill. ...


William David Trimble, Baron Trimble, PC is a politician from Northern Ireland. He served as Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, was the first First Minister of Northern Ireland, and was a Member of the British Parliament.He was given the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize