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Ultimate Lightsaber

rogue one kyber crystal necklace

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Star Wars Room Painting Ideas | Cool room. Here's what I did in my Star Wars/movie themed theater room ...

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Man Cave Decor

I would totally have this in the entrance to a basement TV room, but Stephen would never make it down the stairs

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Stephen Colbert Lightsaber Explanation

Colbert Weighs In On The New Lightsaber Design

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Somewhat shameless pin here... but this performance with Kaixing KILLS me

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Hasbro Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber Your calling is clear, become a master Jedi Knight and defend the Republic! Or turn to the dark side and embrace your inner Sith Lord. With this Ultimate Lightsabre in yo (Barcode EAN = 5010994333539)

My "Taking over the world as its Dark Ruler and Lord" outfit exactly! It needs more of a cape though. Haha!

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He is so flawless it should be illegal!

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