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Observation 1: Social Development. Harry is in the industry-versus-inferiority stage of psychosocial development. Since he was essentially entering a whole new world, Harry had a lot of apprehension. However, he quickly discovered he was no further behind in wandwork than any of his peers. He also realized he was good at flying on broomstick, adding to his feelings of competence. With each success, Harry worked harder, achieving better results. All this added to his sense of mastery…

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Breaking the Promise I Made to My Mother

"Compulsory apologies train kids to say things they don't mean - that is to lie." - Alfie Kohn, Unconditional Parenting


Choosing ADHD Medication - "So tell me, how is medicating my children harming my children? I am all for parents trying natural way if it works. But if it clearly is not working without medications then give your child the help he needs."