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Unemployment Office Locations

When we got married we were so working class poor that we got married by a justice of the peace, her office was located in the unemployment office. I was wearing a T-shirt with the American Flag over the heart. As tribute to that glorious day, I will have these for my nail design.


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About two months after he took office, Franklin Roosevelt appointed a former social worker to head an emergency program of aid to the unemployed. The moment Harry Hopkins started work, on May 22, 1933 —before he even had an office—he dragged a desk into the hall of the building where he was located and immediately began sending out money. Some critics disapproved of his haste and wanted longer consideration of this federal expenditure. Hopkins responded, famously, “People don’t eat in the… is probably the easiest, cheapest, and most thorough way to get your text-only ebook into the marketplace to the online retailers and app stores.


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Find a SCORE mentor to help you launch, save or expand your small business. SCORE Philadelphia to provide free enterpreneur programs here at the Free Library and around the city. Be sure to see what *free* programs they are offering.